This blog is dedicated to our Journalists for Rainwater Harvesting. They will report on examples of rainwater harvesting in their own countries and communities, helping us raise the profile of rainwater harvesting - both locally and globally.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A cartoon about RWH in India!

Just to make you smile and drive home the concept of RWH in India!


  1. Great way of Thinking. We should Learn from Such Cartoon. How to Save water rather than wasting it.

  2. It was really the best
    rain water harvesting system, which we can used at personal level. thanks for sharing such a nice pics with us.

  3. Ha! Wahaso—Water Harvesting Solutions will work to integrate this idea into our water harvesting systems.

  4. what is the role of Journalists in rain water. with this post i am not clear. pls define briefly.