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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Zambia's rainwater harvesting potential high

By Newton Sibanda
LUSAKA, Zambia- RAINWATER  Harvesting (RWH) has been a practiced since time in memorial. It has, however,  been practiced at different levels- domestic and agricultural use, which are referred to as  the blue and green water use respectively.

However, Zambia Rainwater Harvesting Association (ZRHA) Secretary General Bob Muzyamba says the scale of utilization of RWH in Zambia’ leaves a lot to be desired’.

“Since 1998, Zambia has been involved in many meetings, workshops, collaborations and protocols relating to RWH in the SADC (Souhern African Development Community) region to respond to the effects of the drought hitting the region.

The Ministry of Agriculture together with the Ministry of Local Government and Housing as well as the Ministry of Energy and Water Development  were engaged by the Zambia Rainwater Harvesting Association to explore ways of enhancing the utilization of RWH as an appropriate technology for the effective use of water as a resource,” said Mr Muzyamba. 

Zambia has been experience erratic rain fall partners for the past 10 years which have affected the  predictability of the rain pattern and planning.

Mr Muzyamba says the association has tried to align itself with Government policy to ensure that the knowledge and skills reposed in it can be recognized and utilized.

“There is a huge potential of Rainwater Harvesting in Zambia in all regions or zones. The potential is in flood control and drought control on one part, and water conservation on the other part,” he said.
Mr Muzyamba is also acting president of the association after the demise of the incumbent,  Joyce Musiwa as per its constitution.

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